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RED DOOR desserts is an employment training program of Saint John’s Program for Real Change, the largest residential program for formerly homeless women and children in the greater Sacramento Region.

Enjoy  delicious  desserts  made  from  scratch,  and  with  love,  by the  women  in  the  hands-on  employment  training  program  at Saint  John’s  Program  for  Real  Change. 100%  of  the  proceeds  from  RED  DOOR  desserts  directly support  formerly  homeless  women  working  to  build  self-sustaining  lives  for  themselves  and  their  children.

With RED DOOR desserts, women at Saint John’s participate in hands-on employment training and learn to not only bake beautiful and delicious cookies and desserts, but also learn order management, supply chain elements, packaging and shipping.

The “red door” at Saint John’s symbolizes a sign of hope and beacon of help for homeless women entering Saint John’s-- women committed to making a better life for themselves and their family. Women leave the past behind them and open the red door to a new future.

Saint John's Program for Real Change

Founded on the steps of St. John’s Lutheran Church in 1985, Saint John’s Program for Real Change has helped more than 30,000 women and children transform their lives from poverty and dependence to confidence and self-sustainability.  Dedicated to the eradication of homelessness once and for all, our up-to-18-month comprehensive residential program provides families with the tools they need to address the root causes as well as the symptoms of homelessness:  mental health therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, life skills classes (anger management, parenting, budgeting, positive thinking, healthy relationships and more), a path to a high school diploma and a proprietary Employment Training Program, with 96% of its graduates securing unsubsidized employment. Saint John’s serves up to 270 women and children daily which translates to up to 600 women and children per year, yet still has a wait list of 200-250 per day. Saint John’s mission is to unleash the potential of women and children in crisis by breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence, one family at a time. 

Based on more than a 35 years’ worth of experience, we know what our clients need to become self-sustaining. And it’s much more than just being housed, clothed and fed. It’s giving mothers real love so they can finally learn to love themselves. It’s helping them fully realize their potential. It’s establishing a sense of self-worth and readiness for the real world.

We provide the ability to rise above devastating, negative elements and achieve job-readiness, self-sustainability and rewarding, happy, and productive lives – for themselves, and for their children.

Visit our website to learn more about Saint John's Program for Real Change. To read stories of Real Change, visit our Saint John's blog here.

More about RED DOOR desserts

Indulge and empower with a monthly dessert subscription to our RED DOOR desserts Club. For just $30/month, enjoy delicious desserts made from scratch, and with love, from women in the hands-on employment training program at Saint John’s. A perfect hostess gift or just keep for yourself -- we won't tell! Sign up for the RED DOOR desserts Club and shipping is FREE! For those craving cookies now or needing extra gifts, this is a perfect solution. A beautiful gift with an extra special mission. 

From  all  of  the  women  and  children  at  Saint  John’s,  we  say “thank  you”  for  indulging  your  sweet  tooth  AND  empowering women  to  make  permanent,  positive  change  in  their  lives.